We are the jack-of-many-trades and each of us, the master of some. Together, our mashers comprise a team of kick-a** designers and equally sharp developers. We are creative, tech-savvy, marketers – each with a unique specialisation – all united by a genuine love for our craft.

Our goal? To turn your infinite possibilities into reality, and to solve your digital nightmares. We are based in Singapore and we are here to help!

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We do this because we love it. We are passionate and deeply invested in both our work and clients who put their faith on us.




We dare to try. Whatever you want to create, experience or make happen… we have have the guts and perseverance to give it a shot and bring it into reality.




We say what we mean and we take ownership. If we say we can meet the deadline, we can take the pressure to get it done and in the (rare) case that things go wrong, we will do all in our capacity to make things right.




Mashers aren’t into the quick buck. We only recommend what we believe in and what we genuinely think is best – our vision is long-term, we’re here to stay and we hope you are too!

Our Team

A close-knit group of passionate individuals that are more friends than just colleagues.
What this means for you, is that we have good synchrony, and our chemistry is evident in our smooth processes.